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Introduction to Mindful Real Talk: Cutting Through the Self-Help BS

Welcome to “Mindful Real Talk: Cutting Through the Self-Help BS”—your go-to source for practical, no-nonsense advice on mindfulness, self-esteem, and personal growth. If you’re tired of the fluff and empty promises often found in the self-help world, you’re in the right place.

I’m Simon Agius, and I’m here to provide you with authentic, effective strategies that actually work. With years of experience in coaching, NLP, mindfulness, reiki, person-centered therapy, meditation, breathwork, and psychology, I’ve seen firsthand what truly makes a difference in people’s lives. This blog is all about sharing those insights with you.

In this series, we’ll dive deep into topics that matter, like boosting self-esteem, overcoming self-doubt, leveraging the power of alpha mode upon waking, and much more. Each post is designed to give you actionable steps and real talk—no quick fixes, no gimmicks. Just straightforward, practical advice you can apply to your life.

So, get ready to cut through the self-help BS and embark on a journey of genuine personal growth and mindfulness. Let’s make lasting changes and create a life filled with clarity, confidence, and happiness.

Stay tuned for my first post, where we’ll explore the authenticity gap in life coaching and why practicing what you preach makes all the difference.

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